Accessorising with Jewellery is a great way to take an outfit from drab to fab!

Keep in mind it’s not a competition.

Jewellery should complement and/or tie together your look - not take centre stage.

A simple way to transform an outfit is by pairing it with a necklace.

The right necklace will flatter the neckline of your top or dress.. When worn correctly a necklace will accentuate your best features and be a good fit for your body type.

It can create interest ,add a pop of colour or introduce a complementary colour.

It’s also an easy way to make your formal wear more elegant.

Different necklines suit different styles of necklaces. The appropriate style will enhance your outfit.

Not all looks need a necklace, (sometimes a bracelet or earrings will work better, depending which part of your body you want to draw attention to,, E.g.  large hoop earrings will draw attention upwards to your face. A bracelet or bangle will show off your arms and inject a splash of colour to complete your look. 

Choosing a Necklace

Before choosing a necklace ask yourself…...

  • “Will it enhance my outfit or detract from it?”
  • “What is my focal point?”
  • “Where do I want to draw attention to or away from?”
  • “Will it suit my body type?”
  • “Is it suitable for the occasion?”




Statement Necklace

The most powerful necklace is a statement Necklace. It automatically creates a focal point.

Statement necklaces can add a burst of colour and express your personality.

A short Statement Necklace looks fabulous with a sweetheart neckline.

It also goes well with a crew neck, and Turtle neck or try wearing one with a button up collared shirt.

Layered Necklace

A Layered necklace helps to define a plain top and makes a button up collared shirt look more professional.

A Layered necklace also works well with a Turtleneck and crew neck.

Heavy Necklace

For a loose fitting top it’s all about adding shape to your body.. An ornate necklace with a heavy texture will be more prominent against the garment’s material.

Long Pendant

To accentuate a deep V neckline wear a long pendant that finishes just above your cleavage.

Short Necklace

With a V Neck top  look for a shorter necklace in a V shape. This will fill the space created by the neckline.

For an open neckline it is important for the necklace to match the shape of your top or dress and fill in the gap.

To flatter a boat neck try a long necklace. Stay away from a necklace that stops at your collar, unless you want to widen your shoulders.

A round neckline suits a long necklace finishing with a tassel or beads, or if you want to avert attention away from your chest, try a short pendant. 

short choker  which sits elegantly on the collar bone will complement an off the shoulder top.

Experiment with colour. Jewellery does not have to be the exact colour of your outfit.

Try a complimentary colour or add an accent colour to make your outfit pop.

Not sure where to start…..the old adage of opposites attract also works for colours.

Opposite colours on a colour wheel are complementary so they produce the best contrast e.g. Blue and Orange ,Red and Green, Yellow and Purple.

When it comes to diamonds they really are a girls’ best friend and will go with any colour.

Be you. Be unique. Let your jewellery showcase your personality .

Have fun!

Written by Julie. 


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