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Belts! How many of you actually own one, let alone wear it?  Belts have become under-rated, and it's time to put them forward as an essential must have item in every woman's wardrobe. They have more uses than just holding up your pants! 


Do not be afraid of the belt, no more belt phobia! It's time to help all you ladies out with how to wear belts. Just like a hat, a scarf, or a necklace, a belt it is an accessory that can be used to add personality, and or colour to your outfit. As well as being useful to create an illusion of shape to your body. 

Here are a few Do’s and Don'ts to help get you started 

Do wear the same colour of belt as your dress. It’ll make your look more streamlined.

Don’t wear your belt too tight.

Do store your belts and clean them properly. A little bit of care goes a long way in making your accessories last. 

Don’t fold your belts or curl them tightly when storing them. 

Don’t overshadow a statement belt with other large and/or prominent accessories.

Don’t match every single accessory to the colour of your belt. 

Don't be tempted to only wear light fabrics in summer, heavier in winter for example leather can be worn all year around. 

Now let's identify some common belt descriptions and their purpose and function.  


This is your easy to style safe belt usually in a traditional colour such as: nude, navy, black, or white, with a simple buckle and not too wide or skinny in width.  Wear this belt with your work outfit or off duty denim, to create a polished look.  

Woven, braided

This belt is usually made out of leather and has intertwined patterns inspiring an earthy boho vibe. Wear it over flowing tunic tops, maxi dresses, sheath dresses and pencil skirts.  


This is your time to shine and use the belt to let your personality stand out.

Do you like sparkles? Choose a metallic belt or one with a metallic buckle.  Is animal print more your style? then try purchasing an animal print belt.  Are you a rocker chick? Then go big and bold with the buckle?  Do you have a favourite colour fluro, pastel or bold and bright? Show lots of personality with a statement belt. This look is best saved for evening wear to compliment your Little Black Dress L.B.D, a black shirt, or top and pants, or with jeans. Be confident and wear it with pride. 


This belt is easily identified as its half the width of the others. It is used to complete your outfit and add a little bit extra edge or colour. This belt is best worn with jeans or skirts that are more fitted, if you wear it with loose flowing pieces you will lose the belt, and therefore lose its subtle effect.  


These belts are easy to identify as they are larger than your average, the dominant style is known as an Obi with a wide base that serves as the base to wrap around the thinner straps that tie in the front.  Wear this belt to cinch in your wait with a shift dress or empire waist piece to create an hourglass shape 

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Some ideas of what you can wear with each belt:

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