It’s cold outside and warmer inside, so what to do? what to wear?, layer up thats what you do.  Yes it’s easy to put on a singlet, shirt, sweatshirt and jacket on top of our favourite jeans or pants, however try to think more stylish and I have the steps to help you achieve one of the trends for Autumn /Winter.


This season when it comes to layering is having your base layer show, no tuck-ins here just let it all hang out. 


This is an easy skill to achieve and not only will you look stylish you will be warm.  This look can work for you regardless of age or body shape so don't be afraid, it will not make you look big just give it a try. 


You can choose to layer 2, 3 or 4 items.  Layering is also a way for you to add colour and personality to your outfit which is mood boosting, just because the weather outside is drab doesn't mean you have to look or feel it.   


The number one rule is to layer vertically not horizontally

Start with a longline tank, this can be plain or a pretty pattern, remember to make the layer closest to your skin the thinnest.


Next a thicker layer a sweatshirt or long sleeve tee over your base layer, one with an uneven hem or hi-lo hem so that base layer can be peeking through and be seen.  If you choose a long sleeve tee you can add another layer with a sweatshirt. 


For another layer of warmth you can add on a jacket or coat for example Elm Composure Hooded  Cardigan  or Elm Abigail Rose Coat


Depending on your choice of sweatshirt or pants this look can be perfect for relaxing at home or dressed up for work or a day out.  Below are a few examples to get you started.   


For a more relaxed look

This option is ideal for when you want to relax at home or have errands to run


Tank Elm lottie layering tank

Top Elm  fundamental sydney or distant star crew or Elm shine spot on sleeve tee

Pants Elm lounge pants or Home lee apartment pants


Betty Basics Kiera tank

Betty Basics Jade Pants

Betty Basics Dolly sweat



For a  smart casual look

This option is for catch ups with friends or family.

Tank Elm lottie layering tank

Top Elm peaches crew

Pants Elm Lenny jeans or Threadz Tie front or reversible jeans will work



Betty Basics Ariana Tee

Betty Basics Joggers

Threadz Denim Jacket



For a Function

This look is suited to a date night or evening out with the girls

Tank Threadz reversible coop v neck tank

Top Threadz denim jacket, Yarra Trail spot jumper  or Gordon smith knit

Pant Yarra Trail stretch Pants   

 Effortless Layering - Let Threadz do it for you!

Threadz 2 in 1's make it easy! They have so many different options to choose from. The pieces are separate too, meaning you can mix and match with other outfits! 


Mastered these?


Now try the classic layering option of a button down shirt layered with a jumper, again making sure the hem pops out the bottom, and a glimpse of cuff also elevates this to another level.  

Want to try something slightly different?

Consider styling a jumper or even another dress over a button-down dress. Accompanied by a pair of tights and boots. This means you can now get extra wear out of your summer dresses during autumn and winter without being cold! A belt is always a welcome addition for this style to help accentuate your waist.

Another look that can also work depending on the dress, is layering a turtleneck underneath! Have fun and experiment a bit to make these looks work it’s all about a little trial and error, but the resulting looks will be a great reward!


Don't forget to accessorise with hats, bags,scarves, jewellery see our blog on this and also footwear.  These are all important to assist you, to make this trend come to life for you!



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