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««««« Robyn Taylor 08/25/2021 The friendly service was excellent from Dianne Flint, the shop is well set out and presented. Certainly will be back there again in (read more)
««««« Mavis Flint 08/24/2021 I have always had excellent service from Ebony particularly from Dianne Flint. Dianne has put herself out many times to help me as (read more)
««««« Melissa G 08/23/2021 Lovely range of clothes, great specials. Helpful friendly staff. Kristie is great, helps with outfits and sizing to make you feel fabulous!
««««« J Taylor 08/21/2021 Diane is very helpful
««««« Danielle Watson 08/21/2021 Love this store
««««« Danielle Watson 08/21/2021 Amazing selection of clothes for all shapes and sizes and lovely helpful staff
««««« Michelle Bonnici 09/15/2021 Customer service at Ebony is always excellent. The personal attention is excellent. Very helpfulin selecting clothes & accessories. (read more)
««««« Jean Dillon 09/15/2021 Nellie served me, and I could not have had better service. Knew all the items in the shop & seemed to know what would suit me. Even (read more)
««««« Doreen Cope 08/26/2021 Always find the ladies at Ebony extremely helpful, Nellie, Nancy and Denise.
««««« Claire Beaven 08/26/2021 I ONLY shop at Ebony. I am a local and the clothes and service are fantastic. The welcome when I walk in with clothes I’ve bought (read more)
««««« Rachel Reynolds 08/22/2021 The range of styles and sizes ideally suit my requirements and the staff are very helpful without undue pressure to buy.
««««« Jane Foster 08/21/2021 I truly love shopping at Ebony Waihi Beach, such a beautiful shop, fun & friendly atmosphere. Nellie really knows how to put combinations (read more)
««««« Deb Smith 08/21/2021 Ebony Waihi is a great shop that's well worth visiting. Very helpful and friendly staff but a special shout out to Nellie for not (read more)
««««« Debbie Smith 08/21/2021 I’ve purchased a few things from Ebony and pleased with each and every purchase. A big shout out to Nellie for helping with not only (read more)
««««« Kay Mcgarry 08/21/2021 Ebony at Waihi Besch is a must visit location whenever I am passing. Nellie the manager is fabulous and I nearly always buy something! (read more)
««««« Kay Mcgarry 08/21/2021 So enjoyed my last visit to Ebony in Waihi Beach. We were on a girls weekend so a whole group turned up just to browse! Nellie took (read more)
««««« Karen Tippett 08/21/2021 Always a pleasure to shop at Waihi Beach Ebony store. Great service and the girls know what looks good on you. Can always find something (read more)
««««« Sandra Hurley 08/21/2021 Nellie from the Waihi Beach Ebony is amazing with her customers. I alway feel special and comfortable with Nellie, honest, genuine, (read more)
««««« Bella Boston 08/21/2021 The stock in Ebony at Waihi Beach makes you feel like you are in a candy store. And of course being served and helped by the lovely (read more)
««««« Ali V 08/20/2021 Ebony at Waihi Beach is a must visit every time I am in the village. The stock is regularly turned over, the shop always clean, presentable (read more)
««««« Ali V 08/20/2021 Ebony at Waihi Beach is a must visit every time I am in the village. The stock is regularly turned over, the shop always clean, presentable (read more)
««««« Josie Newton 08/20/2021 Such a pleasure to visit this store, Nelly is always so helpful and I just love the clothing lines and styles , always find something (read more)
««««« Rosemary Heaton 08/20/2021 It is a wonderful friendly place where Nellie leads a great team who go out of their way to deliver top service to their customers. (read more)
««««« Adrienne Poulter 08/20/2021 Love the clothing It is a must do shop to visit at Waihi Beach. Always receive great service from Nellie who has a talent for putting (read more)
««««« Adrienne Poulter 08/20/2021 Love the range of clothing, it is a must do shop to visit at Waihi Beach. Always receive great service from Nellie who has a talent (read more)
««««« Lynda Cotter 8/10/2021 Very attentive assistance. She allowed me time to browse and to choose some items and then suggested alternatives or an other garment (read more)
««««« Anne Foley 8/06/2021 Friendly helpful service from Nellie - thank you. A great shopping experience.
««««« Jeanne Hulme 07/30/2021 Love this shop. Great selection of clothes and amazing service always. Nellie is always friendly, honest and helpful.
««««« Jeanne Hulme 07/29/2021 I love this shop. Always get great honest service. Nellie is amazing and always offering solutions and helpful tips. Love the sloggie (read more)
««««« Pamela Taylor 07/28/2021 I had a lovely experience today at Ebony Boutiques at Waihi Beach. Such a friendly place to step into, thanks Nellie, we'll see you (read more)
««««« Lynda Searle 07/27/2021 Very friendly and helpful, would return.
««««« Rebecca Dunn 08/23/2021 Great service
««««« Shan W 08/21/2021 Best merino I have ever owned!
««««« Loro Shandler 08/21/2021 You’re doing an amazing job during such difficult times. Thank you for making available all the beautiful garments I see in your (read more)
««««« Colleen Ashworth 08/20/2021 Beautifully presented stores and an awesome easy to navigate online shopping experience! All the best Ebony Boutiques, you’re doing (read more)
««««« R Brydon 8/02/2021 Ebony isn't very easy to find in Australia. I've had the same item for around 4-5 years and decided to order 3 more in different colours, (read more)
««««« Helena Hooper 07/31/2021 I've purchased a few items from Ebony's on different occasions for myself and my daughter. I love the variety both in-store and online, (read more)
«««« Sarah Hall 08/27/2021 Loved it, Jude the older lady helped me with purchasing products for my auntie!
««««« Gloria Smith 08/26/2021 Great Clothing, Judy always is so helpful and has brilliant taste in clothes for me.
««««« Sybil Woolmore 08/25/2021 Very friendly, helpful staff. They make you feel so welcome when you come into the shop, which always looks lovely
««««« Mary Hall 08/24/2021 Sybil has a relaxed and friendly manner. She works in a confident manner, is very familiar with all of the stock in the shop and is (read more)
«««« Marg Lee 08/23/2021 Customer service excellent. The lady’s name was Judy. Brilliant service. Wasn’t pushy like some can be. Picked some nice outfits (read more)
««««« Donella Butler 08/22/2021 Great service, I’ll be back. Staff were lovely
««««« Jan Martin 08/21/2021 enjoyed trying on clothes and felt Sybil (serving me) was real in what didn't suit me, which made me confidant in what did suit me. (read more)
««««« Sue Mckain 08/21/2021 When visiting the store in Paeroa I found Sybil to be very friendly and accommodating and more than happy to showcase what was in the (read more)
««««« Shona Whyte 08/21/2021 What a privilege to enjoy shopping at Ebony Boutique in Paeroa. Sybil’s pleasant and helpful manner is much appreciated. I enjoy (read more)
««««« Kylie Hedges 08/21/2021 Sybil is always really helpful, she knows just what I like and her service is outstanding. Never come away disappointed
««««« Joan Hill 08/21/2021 Have had good service from Sybil at Paeroa very helpful,will check if other branches have the correct size, pleasant to deal with
««««« Christoffel Huymans 08/21/2021 Totally loved the look of the shop and Brigitte was most helpful in helping me.she knows clothes and colours and my daughters were (read more)
««««« Kath Wilson 08/21/2021 Enjoy shopping at Ebony Paeroa. The staff, Judith, Sybil and Bridgette are all marvelous and most helpful.
««««« Val Sparks 08/21/2021 Treated with respect by staff member, told if the item did NOT suit and to try another size or colour etc. Under no pressure to purchase (read more)
««««« Remy Hessey 08/20/2021 Really good!!!!!!
««««« Joan Springgay 08/20/2021 Sybil had organised a fashion show at the local Baptist Church. This prompted me to pop in and check out tops to blend with other items (read more)
««««« Jill Robertson 08/20/2021 Already left feedback this am. Please let me know if you didn’t receive it. Thanks
««««« Barbara Coxshall 08/20/2021 Sybil went out of her way to be helpful, not pushy, but didnt mind how many garments she made available to try. Made you feel quite (read more)
««««« Jill Robertson 08/20/2021 I Loved Sybil Woolmore, Paeroa’s relaxed non-pushy approach, her personal attention to detail, her listening carefully to what I’m (read more)
««««« Anne Worth 08/20/2021 Your shop in Paeroa has a wonderful selection of clothes. When shopping there I have been helped by Sybil and she has a great knowledge (read more)