Let's face it, sometimes we don't have the body that we dream of having. Spring is in the air and the fashion store windows are starting to fill with the promise and colour of summer fashion. To add to our dilemma we are coming out of Covid lockdown and for some of us, that means the dreaded covid kilos.

 The secret is, don't be discouraged. You might have been looking at photographs from several years ago and you feel that you don't look as good now as you did then, and on top of that you have discovered that your favourite pair of denim jeans are feeling rather tight at the waist. Now is the time to focus on how to make the most of your shape and how to flatter it. There are many new spring and summer styles that will help you do just that.


 Even though your body has changed pick out what you consider to be your best assets.

  If you want to focus on your upper half, highlight your neckline, your bust or your arms. Reach for tops and jackets that have the most flattering neckline. Or pop on a scarf or a bold piece of jewellery to pull the eyes up. 

Ebony Scarf Gordon Smith Dress

 If you want to keep the focus on your lower half, highlight your waist, hips and legs. Reach for figure flattering dress and jeans to enhance your figure.


 Wear the right size, even if it means buying a few new additions to your wardrobe. Clothing that is too small just won't look right, you will find puckering in the most unflattering places, seams will stretch and every bump and bulge will be accentuated. The Ebony Merino Swing Top is perfect! And can also add a thermal base layer effect or be worn on it's own. 

 Ebony Merino Thermal Base Layer Crew Scoop Neck Women's Merino Clothing NZ

 Anything with stretch will be your best friend. You won't want to wear stiff fabrics that don't move with you. Remember, if you have jackets or tops that don't quite meet in the middle, it's okay if they don't close, as long as they look as though they fit overall.



Darker shades like black, navy or charcoal can create a slimming illusion, and help hide flaws. Wearing a skirt and top, or pants and top in the same colour can also give you the appearance of being longer and thinner. Bur remember it is so important to wear colours that you feel best in.


 Elm Lifestyle Clothing NZ Society Tee


 Look for bold colours in a summer floral print, or if you prefer, a geometric design. The eye will be drawn to the pattern and not the extra kilos. Small prints work well to conceal extra weight.

Gordon Smith Spot Shirt


By Brigette at Ebony Boutique Paeroa 



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