New Zealand wool is known to be the whitest, cleanest wool in the world. Of all the textiles out there, wool is the one that resigns supreme, in the category of all round warmth.

Merino Wool Clothing NZ Ponchos and Cardigans

Merino is naturally water repellent fibre, comfortable and soft, and beautiful to touch.
Merino wool is much finer than tradition wool making it smooth against your skin and more comfortable to wear (non-itchy for most people). Merino fibres can stretch over 30% and still recover to their natural shape.

Our merino knitwear at Ebony is made from 100% pure merino wool and is super soft and machine washable.  It’s light weight and can be worn on its own or layered.  

It’s been amazing how many people come into the shop and say how long they have had their Ebony merino and it still looks good, it hasn’t pilled, and they are so glad that they purchased a quality product and are keen to extend their wardrobe with something from the new range.

Ebony’s extensive merino range encompasses styles for young and old with the longer styles that can be worn with tights, the standard tops with a range of trims and necklines. There are jackets and ponchos, drape cardigans, short cardigans, gloves and scarves.  Also, a range of dresses and zip jackets, so something for everyone.

Just a note on the dresses, they look amazing on and hang beautifully covering all the bits and pieces you want to hide and have pockets.  You can dress them up or down easily with a stunning piece of jewellery or a contrasting scarf.

Another great innovation has been the reversible jackets and tops with spots on one side and plain on the other.  How cool is that to get 2 pieces with one garment.  Great for saving space when travelling (if and when we can again) and matching up beautifully with the reversible jeans we have available, another space saving invention.  Have you ever thought you were taking too much stuff with you, well here is the perfect answer?

And just to add a little something different there is the swing top with dashes, again this looks great with tight pants.

 Not only great style but a huge range of stunning vibrant colours and of course the standard blacks, navy and greys. It’s an absolute wardrobe staple, that would be a privilege to be in anyone's wardrobe.

When you come into one of our shops you will be encouraged to try on some new colours that you may not have thought about, and we will show you how to match this up with either what you are wearing or maybe splash out on a whole new outfit and we can also show you how to accessorise the outfit.

Our merino garment's come from an era when things were made to last. Knitted in 100% pure wool they are high quality, affordable and attractive.

Buy New Zealand women's merino fashion from us right here ay EBONY BOUTIQUE STORES or buy online. Our merino will be a purchase you will never regret.

By Judy Taylor at Ebony Boutique Paeroa


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