About Us

About Us 
Ebony Boutique have 2 stores based in the North Island of New Zealand, in Epsom in Auckland, and Waihi Beach in the Bay of Plenty.
This New Zealand owned family company was started in 1951 by the Wakefield Brothers, Colin and Neil. Then owned by Wayne Ashworth (Ebony’s Father) Now Ebony (Colin's Granddaughter) and her husband Steve continue the family tradition.
Ebony herself hand picks only the best items for you! She loves fashion, travelling, designing and helping people look and feel at their best. She is also supported by an amazing team. When Ebony is not engrossed with this amazing world, she is busy at home raising 3 wonderful young boys.   
The Ebony Boutiques were established in New Zealand 14 years ago, but Glengyle the parent company of Ebony Boutique has been synonymous with New Zealand knitwear for 70 extraordinary years now. Ebony also designs her own merino range, which is featured on this site. The garments for the first 50 years these were all knitted in NZ at their factory in Kingsland, now however the production is done overseas.
The Ebony Merino range is designed to be wonderful to touch and feel great next to your body. They drape beautifully and are warm, even in lightweight knits. They also offer rich, lustrous colours. We treat our Merino before it is knitted especially so that you can machine wash it! It wears well, keeps it shape and resists pilling.
The Ebony Merino range has been produced for 15 years and is sold throughout New Zealand and Australia. It is designed in NZ by Ebony herself to suit New Zealand body types, they are designed to skim the body instead of clinging to make the most of your curves! 
Ebony Merino’s are :
100% Merino Wool
Luxuriously Silky Soft
Superfine 18.5 Micron
Machine Washable
Made to LAST
Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer
Easy Care
Quick Drying
Odor Resistant
Merino also contains lanolin which has antibacterial properties 
(unlike its synthetic counterparts)