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Thermal Layers NZ | Outer Layers NZ

The Swing Top by Ebony is made from 100% merino wool, sourced from NZ & Australian farms. Featuring a wide feminine neckline and extended a-line body perfect for hiding any bumps. Like all our merinos they feature anti-pilling knit and use the best merino fibres.

Shop online or instore with us for quality merino knitwear NZ. Ebony Merinos are luxuriously comfortable and made to last. They are specially designed to be easy care and to suit NZ body types. Our range of Women’s Merino Knitwear NZ are perfect to wear as thermals, base layers or outer layers.

Ebony Merinos are a natural choice for cruelty-free, renewable and sustainable clothing NZ.

🖤 Best Merino fibres used/Superfine 18.5 Micron
🖤 Heat sorption/desorption properties
🖤 Highly absorbent/Moisture wicking/Antibacterial
🖤 Self-extinguishing and low flammable fibre
🖤 Strong durable fibres/Anti-pilling knit
🖤 Easy Care/Machine Washable
🖤 Biodegradable & sustainable product/Compostable packaging
🖤 Ethical, muelsing-free wool traceable to the farm
🖤 NZ Designer/Flattering cut that doesn’t cling

🖤 Comfortable, no itch or scratch
🖤 Warm in winter, cool in summer
🖤 Odour resistant
🖤 Safe
🖤 Long lasting and money saving
🖤 More free time
🖤 The environment loves you
🖤 The sheep thank you
🖤 Accentuate your figure

🖤 A-Line Merino Top NZ
🖤 Round neck
🖤 Regular Sleeve
🖤 Full Length Sleeve
🖤 High Thigh Length
🖤 Regular Hem
🖤 Light Weight Fabric (210 gsm)
🖤 Light Stretch in Fabric
🖤 Fabric Composition: 100% NZ & Australian Merino
🖤 Brand: Ebony Merinos NZ

🖤 approx width at bust 48 cms
🖤 approx width at hem 69 cms
🖤 approx length shoulder to hem 68 (Shortest) 74 (longest) cms

Our merino comes from one of the world’s most ancient breeds of sheep, and one of the toughest. The Merino sheep lives in extreme environments (up to 35 degrees in summer and down to -25 degrees in winter) where a normal sheep would freeze. Their survival is due to the amazing wool this sheep produces, breathable in summer, yet warm and insulating in winter, while being incredibly soft and lightweight.
Merino wool is the world’s best fibre to produce garments from, as it has been tested and perfected by nature over hundreds of years, not dreamed up in a lab. Merino is also very environmentally friendly as it is a renewable, sustainable resource and do not require as much energy as man-made fibres to produce. Wool is also biodegradable which means if it is put in a land fill it is capable of decomposing, so will therefore avoid polluting our earth. We have also changed to compostable packaging for our garments and courier bags lessening our impact on the environment.
The wool used in an Ebony Merino is muelsing-free and can be traced to the farm for your peace of mind. We only use the best fibres so our garments are silky soft to wear, with no itch or scratch, even when worn right next to the skin.


🖤 Aqua Blue
Best described as: Bright, Tahiti sea blue
Goes well with: Black, denim, ruby red, orange, naturals, white & ivory
🖤 Athens Blue
Best described as: Bright royal blue with a purple undertone
Goes well with: Black, denim, navy, white & ivory
🖤 Blush Pink
Best described as: A solid, soft, light, pastel pink
Goes well with: Greys, black, denim & khaki
🖤 Charcoal
Best described as: Dark grey marle
Goes well with: Khaki, beige & mustard
🖤 Dragonfly Teal
Best described as: Rich turquoise or a rich, deep blue-green
Goes well with: Black, dark denim, navy & dark grey
🖤 Ember Red
Best described as: Deep brick or a burnt red
Goes well with: Black, navy, beige & khaki
🖤 French Navy
Best described as: Sharp, dark navy blue
Goes well with: White, black, red, pink & natural tones
🖤 Gold
Best described as: a deep and dusty mustard yellow
Goes well with: Black, denim, beige & khaki
🖤 Iceberg Blue-Grey
Best described as: Pale turquoise or a light mix of blue, green and a touch of grey
Goes well with: Navy, black, dark denim & khaki
🖤 Ice Lilac
Best described as: Pale, warm marle purple
Goes well with: Black, denim, charcoal & greys
🖤 Ivory
Best described as: As an off white shade
Goes well with: All colours
🖤 Melon
Best described as: Bright, warm, coral similar to rock melon
Goes well with: Black, white, charcoal, grey, denim & natural tones
🖤 Mocha
Best described as: Dark mushroom or brown with a touch of warmth
Goes well with: Black, denim, navy, Ivory & khaki
🖤 Mustard
Best described as: A rich yellow-gold mustard
Goes well with: Black, denim, beige & khaki
🖤 Navy Blue
Best described as: Dustier, warmer shade of navy
Goes well with: Black, denim, navy, white & ivory
🖤 Olive Green
Best described as: Rich, dark khaki green
Goes well with: Black, dark blue denim, beige & khaki
🖤 Orion Blue-Grey
Best described as: A marle dark grey with a touch of dark denim blue
Goes well with: Black, navy, mustard, dark grey & khaki
🖤 Periwinkle Blue
Best described as: Soft and light pastel blue
Goes well with: Black, dark denim, cream & navy
🖤 Pistachio Green
Best described as: Warm earthy lime green
Goes well with: Black, navy, grey & dark denim
🖤 Raspberry Pink
Best described as: Bright pink
Goes well with: Black, navy & dark denim
🖤 Ruby Red
Best described as: Bright red with just the right balance of Blue/Orange undertones.
Goes well with: Black, navy, beige, khaki & denim
🖤 Sage Green
Best described as: Pastel, dusty feijoa green
Goes well with: Black, white, grey and natural tones.
🖤 Stone Grey
Best described as: Clean, river-stone grey
Goes well with: All colours
🖤 Storm Blue-Green
Best described as: Deep, dusty, bluey green
Goes well with: Black, white, denim & greys
🖤 Twilight Blue
Best described as: Rich and deep dark blue
Goes well with: Black, navy, dark grey & white🖤 Athens
Best described as: Bright royal blue with a purple undertone
Goes well with: Black, denim, navy, white & ivory