Taking care of your Merino wool garments is essential to ensure they remain soft, cozy, and last for years. Whether it’s a luxurious Merino sweater or a pair of warm socks, following these 10 tips will help you maintain their quality and longevity:

  1. Merino Repels Dirt:

    • Merino is a mother’s best friend! It naturally repels dirt, so your garments don’t need daily washing. Airing them out between wears is often sufficient.
  2. Read the Label:

    • Always follow the instructions on the garment’s label. Whether it’s a hand wash or dry clean recommendation, paying attention to these details ensures your Merino stays in top shape.
  3. Hand Wash or Delicate Machine Cycle:

    • Ideally, hand wash your Merino garments by turning them inside out. Alternatively, use the wool cycle or delicate function on your washing machine.
    • Consider using a lightweight, mesh garment bag to protect your Merino during machine washing.
  4. Gentle Water Temperature:

    • When hand washing, avoid using high temperatures on the wool to prevent damage to the fibers.
    • Fill the tub or sink with warm water, and use this for both washing and rinsing.
  5. Don't Use Wool-Specific Products:

    • Always use a standard detergent. Wool washes are designed for coarse wool products, not our fine Merino! 
    • Don't use fabric softner on merino.
    • NEVER use bleach or products containing bleach, as they can discolor and weaken the fibers.
  6. No Tumble Drying:

    • Never tumble dry Merino wool! Instead, lay the garments flat to preserve their shape out of direct sunlight.
    • Avoid wringing out excess moisture, as this can damage the fibers.
  7. Avoid Dry Cleaning:

    • Dry cleaning chemicals are not ideal for quality Merino. Keep your garments away from dry cleaning processes.
  8. Hand Washing Technique:

    • For hand washing, gently agitate the water with your Merino garment. Avoid soaking for too long.
    • Use a soft cloth to treat stains avoid excessive rubbing as it may stretch the wool.
    • Lay the garment flat to dry (out of direct sunlight) and reshape it when damp.
  9. Ironing with Care:

    • You can iron your Merino, but check the care instructions first.
    • Use the wool setting and low heat to avoid damaging the fibers.
  10. Thoughtful Storage:

    • Store your Merinos away for the season when they are clean. 
    • Store your Merino wool clothing in a cool, dark, and dry place.
    • Seal garments in airtight plastic bags when not in use to prevent pilling, shrinkage, and snagging.

Remember, with proper care, your Merino garments can last for generations, maintaining their softness and quality. Enjoy the comfort and warmth of Ebony Merino NZ! 🐑❤️


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